Dentures restore natural smile with teeth that are made out of acrylic or porcelain, make lips and cheeks fuller, make face look younger and allow person to chew on more foods. It is one way of restoring multiple lost teeth in an economical package instead of having implants and crowns or bridges when possible. There are full dentures replacing all the teeth and partial dentures restoring only a groups of teeth. The latest are usually metal supported with hooks on nearby teeth for support and stability. The plate in which the false teeth are imbedded can be easily adjusted and relined to improve comfort and distribute equal distribution of biting forces on a gum tissue.

With every day use they become unstable after years of use as the most common type, the one with plastic teeth, become worn out on ever changing bone just covered by different in thickness gum tissue. The replacement of a denture is then the most recommended action a patient should take. A new denture is better than fixed old one in the long run.

Patients adopt well to this kind of dental solution with time and they become used to it, especially when the existing bone ridge is of good quality allowing for retention and suction. However today’s standard of care is a denture supported by special implants design to carry directly the forces generated by muscle to the bone and not the intermediate which is the fragile gum tissue.

It is important to know that dentures like moist environment like the one in the mouth. It is not recommended to wear dentures 24h. The supporting structure of that dental appliance that is the bone and gum have to rest and it is recommended not to wear dentures during sleep at night. The container with water or moist gauze should be sufficient for the denture to be properly maintained when left there.

For those people that are having hard time wearing dentures because of the large plastic plates, the alternative is implants. It is much a more expensive choice but worth the effort that creates comfort for the patient every day and night for many years to come.