E.max crowns

Porcelain Crowns, Porcelain Veneers, Onlays and Inlays.

Porcelain crowns or dental caps are made nowadays from modified porcelain materials rather than metal or composite. Our Alpharetta, Roswell Dental office with a dental laboratory on premises makes crowns and other dental appliances like: bridges, veneers, dentures, or partial dentures.

Our promotional price and quality along with the quick turnaround is our trademark. We can make almost anything in one day!

“Great results just in one seating!.”

It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of the crown was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can always be that happy. Thanks for making the appointment an unforgettable one.
Sandra Files

E.max crowns

Lithium disilicate (E.max) restorations are among the most esthetic restorations in dentistry today. These restorations match the esthetic characteristics of natural teeth very closely.


Veneers are dental restoration placed on the front of a tooth.

Onlays and inlays

Onlays and inlays are ceramic restoration rebuilding only a portion of a tooth when filling is not an adequate choice.

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