In some situations an extraction of a tooth is mandatory. Leaving a decayed or infected tooth in a mouth is a health concern and at times a very painful event. The most common example or tooth removal are teeth that are decayed beyond fixing. In this case the decision is simple and the well-being of the patient is a priority.

Sometimes teeth are not stable as periodontal disease progresses and the mobility is significant. Than,  pulling of a tooth is a viable choice.

On occasion teeth should be extracted when root canals are failing, or there is a fracture of a tooth involving root.

For the purpose of having braces when to much crowding exist in an arch and there is not enough space, an extraction of teeth is required.

Also it is advised to remove wisdom teeth around the age of 20. They collect unnecessarily food debris and are difficult to clean. Because we do not use wisdom teeth for chewing, extraction is recommended, especially when the teeth are crowded possibly worsen the situation in the future.