Dental Implants are artificial devices completely replacing lost tooth, replacing a crown and a root of a tooth.

The dental implant is usually made of titanium, a metal that is biocompatible with the human body. Some implants are made out of zirconia that is also 100% biocompatible. It is a screw like object that is being inserted into the bone to represent and replace root of a tooth. Few months after surgery enough bone is being deposited against the wall of an implant making it stable. After that time another surgery is required which is placing a healing cap over the implant that pierces the gum allowing for step two which is an insertion of an abutment.

Implant abutment is an interface between an implant body and a crown. It is also a transition form from the environment inside the tissue to the visible field in the mouth. The implant abutment in a subsequent phase of the treatment is being securely screw into the implant body. The shape of an abutment resembles a miniature tooth that is ready to be reinforced with a crown during the last step of the treatment.

An digital or physical impression is taken to restore implant with a crown. Based on the configuration od the abutment and surrounding gum tissue, a crown is made and cemented, bonded or screwed onto the implant abutment.

Implants are great replacement option for missing teeth. They do not decay or conduct pain. They allow for normal behavior and chewing habits of a patient, but they have to be properly maintained and cleaned. Implants do very well in not smoking patients.