Mercury Free Feelings are good option based on replacing old thinking and old technology with modern materials and the essence of prevention in dentistry.

The old way of fixing teeth evolved in XVIII century and it is being utilized to this day but by less and less dentists. In some countries it is illegal to place those silver-mercury fillings in teeth and in the state of California all patients are informed that this type of restoration might cause cancer and birth defects. The mercury is a very potent neuro-toxin and dentistry is the only branch of medicine where mercury is used to treat a disease.

In addition to this harmful side effect, there is an ever growing expansion of the low quality alloy by the means of corrosion, subsequently causing cracks and fractures in  teeth.  The usual complications result in treatment utilizing root canals, crowns or even extractions.

A better alternative are composite feelings or so called white fillings that do not expand, do not contain harmful metals and are cosmetically pleasing to the eye.

Fillings can’t be used as a universal material on everything, if teeth poses bigger problems. If a damage to the tooth is significant, a different solution like a porcelain crown or a veneer is being utilized.