Veneers are dental restorations covering tooth from only one side. Their biggest benefit is to make tooth more appealing by improving color, shape and position in the arch. They are conservative in the preparation of a tooth, bonding well with enamel. Most often they are made out of porcelain, sometimes acrylic for the short duration.

They are thin and translucent giving the illusion of a natural perfect tooth. They compete with crowns to be the restoration of choice in rebuilding smiles for people wanting to improve cosmetics. Because they are thinner and most of the natural tooth structure is preserved patients like it better, but veneers are prone to fracture from the same reason.

It takes a great skill of a dental technician to make veneers blending well with the tooth itself exposing life-like attributes. Because the thickness can be as little as 0.3mm they are hard to make when high fit and accuracy are in demand.